The cooperation and exchange between Henan Normal University and the United States based institutions

2016-12-23 Author:CCICE


The following is the full text of the article:

 December 14th, 2016 

The cooperation and exchange between Henan Normal University and the United States based institutions.

Present: Dean of International College, Zhao Yang, Director of International Cooperation and Exchange Department of Henan Normal University, Chen Yunxiang, Dean of International Education College, Henan Normal University, Jiao Kefei, Director of International Cooperation and Exchange Department, Henan Normal University; Zhang Ke and Justin manners of the US school authority.


Conference Content: Henan Normal University representatives would like to welcome the first authorized representative from the United States: Justin Manners. The conference proceeded with Henan Normal University reaffirming their commitment to the internationalization of their school, and adhere to the principle of “student-oriented, quality-oriented, innovation and system-based. For Henan Normal University and the US institution to take advantage of this mutually beneficially arrangement, to work hand in hand to further strengthen cooperation.

Justin Manners also introduced members of Henan Normal University to education philosophies of American Universities and teachers, as well as other related topics. Both sides conducted an in-depth exchange on cooperation between US and China and reached a preliminary agreement.



Henan Normal University would like to make the following recommendations to the US institution:

1. We hope to cooperate with the US institutions of Communication Engineering and other professional projects.

2. We hope to carry US short-term exchange programs.

3. We hope to carry out the future of music, sports and other professional China-US projects.

4. For both parties to reach an agreement and understanding to cooperate.

Representatives from Henan Normal University emphasizes their support for China-US cooperation. They hope to see an increase in student and teacher exchanges.

Through the thorough introduction and explanation by the representatives of Henan Normal University, Justin Manners was able to further his knowledge of the university and their practices. When the meeting concluded, both parties exchanged gifts.